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Burris Optics

Burris Optics is a trusted source of binoculars, scopes, riflescopes, sights, reticles, mounting systems for all hunting, tactical and competitive shooting needs.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH designs, engineers, and manufactures elite optical instruments that truly enrich your experience in nature, hunting, birding and other outdoor adventures.

Huskemaw Optics

Huskemaw Optics played a key role in changing the shooting industry perception of ethical first-shot kills at extended ranges within the shooting industry.

Sig Sauer

Fusing together the most modern, advanced electronic technologies, with superior high-definition glass and military-inspired designs, SIG SAUER® Electro-Optics has developed truly game-changing optics for law enforcement, military, hunters and shooters.

Steiner Optics

For over 70 years, Steiner Optics has been an innovator in optics with proprietary, advanced lens coatings and state-of-the-art manufacturing providing legendary battle-proven durability and reliability to its customers.

Tangent Theta

Unlike products that are intended for the consumer market, the Tangent Theta Professional Marksman series has been designed in every aspect for those whom mission failure cannot be an option.

Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics is an US company developing optics for hunting, bird watching, wildlife watching, outdoor recreational sports, and law enforcement. Vortex products include binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, and other optical equipment.

ATN Corp.

ATN Corp is revolutionizing the optics market! We are the market-leading manufacturer and developer of Digital Day & Night Vision and Thermal Imaging optics aimed at 24hr use.


The New Vudu 5-25 x 50 mm is ideal for the short platform rifles. At approximately 11.2 inches in length, the 5-25x is one of the shortest first focal plane rifle scopes on the market.


With a nearly 50-year heritage of bringing combat-proven night-time vision solutions to the front lines, FLIR has the expertise and commitment to provide the best sights and scopes to outdoorsmen and shooting professionals alike.

Forster Products Inc.

Forster Products® - Straight Shooters™ since 1935


Bright. Clear. Precise. Rugged. These are just a few of the attributes knowledgeable hunters commonly use to describe Nikon riflescopes.


ATHLON is a US sports optics product company devoted to designing and delivering superior quality optics at a competitive price to our consumers via our distribution and retail channels.

Hawke Sport Optics

Hawke Sport Optics is a worldwide market leader at the forefront of optical performance with class-leading innovation and design offering a complete line of sport optics from rifle, crossbow, shotgun and air gun scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories.


Hi-Lux Optics manufactures purpose built optics from vintage period correct reproduction sights, Leatherwood Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART) CAMputer systems to tactical first focal plane rifle scopes and electronic sights.

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