Tangent Theta

Unlike products that are intended for the consumer market, the Tangent Theta Professional Marksman series has been designed in every aspect for those whom mission failure cannot be an option. This design criteria includes resistance to extreme environmental conditions, including temperature (-45C to +55C), water immersion (10+ meters), and cyclic pressure changes (as in unpressurized aircraft holds).

The professional end user, for which the TT525P 5-25x56mm rifle telescope is designed, must be able to discern potential targets with the greatest possible image quality at extreme range. The optical resolution required to identify targets and make fine aiming corrections forces the execution of the optical/mechanical design to be maintained within fantastically tight tolerances. By holding the internal tolerances of the elements within the optical path to absolute minimums, the design and engineering team has been able to achieve an image quality unsurpassed by any other product in the industry.

To offer the user the greatest amount of utility, the TT525P incorporates a rapid-adjusting locking diopter, illuminated first focal plane reticle, and a unique patent-pending TOOL-LESS RE-ZERO® feature. 

Tangent Theta’s non-translating elevation and windage mechanisms exhibit precise tactile response and provide flawless actuation of internal optical-mechanical systems. Because the click elements use additional patent pending technology proprietary to the company, the smooth but extremely positive click feel is renowned within the industry. These mechanisms are manufactured from very hard and corrosion-resistant steel and are designed for extremely long lifecycles in harsh environments. In testing, the elevation and windage controls have been subjected to thirty thousand revolutions without wear-out.

To ensure mission success, and to maintain the near-zero return rate, all Tangent Theta scopes are subjected to a battery of optical and mechanical tests prior to completion. 100% of production undergoes an extensive tracking test, and each and every one is subjected to one thousand shocks at 1000g’s prior to completion. Every scope is shipped with genuine Tenebraex Tactical Tough® flip-up lens covers, Tenebraex KillFlash® Anti-Reflection Device, and a laminated reticle subtention card.

Tangent Theta rifle telescopes are built in Canada to perform flawlessly in the harshest of environmental conditions.

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Armament Technology Incorporated, Otter Lake Court, Halifax NS B3S 1L9, CANADA

W:       P: (902) 454-6384


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