Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH designs, engineers, and manufactures elite optical instruments that truly enrich your experience in nature, hunting, birding and other outdoor adventures. 

Founded 172 years ago as a workshop for optics and precision engineering, the company and name Carl Zeiss, have an international reputation for innovation and cutting-edge technology in all fields of optics. Since 1846 the products combine technical precision and functional design in equal measure.

Countless innovations, cutting-edge technologies and the constant striving for perfection have brought Carl Zeiss its international reputation: as a brand that captures fascination and enhances the moment. No other optical manufacturer has demonstrated greater technological and scientific competence over a longer period than Carl Zeiss. We go to the limits of the imagination, with our passion for performance.  Products from Carl Zeiss touch, inspire and improve people lives every day around the globe.

Research and development is the key to the enduring success of Carl Zeiss. An impressive 10% of the company revenue is invested in this field and leads to a multitude of new patents each year. Another key factor is the interdisciplinary technology transfer. Medical technology, sports optics, semiconductor technology, prescription eyewear, microscopes, etc.: these different divisions take part, exchange their expertise, and benefit from each other.

Some of the ZEISS optical technology includes vastly improved image brightness at twilight via the T* (T Star) Multi-Layer-Lens-Coating. The Abbe-König prism systems are consistently used in binoculars for use in critical light conditions as their internal light distribution (pure total reflections, no light-absorbing mirror surfaces) are the brightest erecting system in the field of binocular design. Together with T* high level of light transmission, high transmission (HT) glass and fluoride (FL) optical designs are incorporated in several product ranges and scores major points for its unparalleled image sharpness, color, and light transmission. Another ZEISS technology of recent times is the LotuTec® coating for external lenses. This allows water to simply roll off and prevents the accumulation of dirt and fingerprints on the lens surfaces. The process – already used a million times over for ZEISS prescription eyewear – is the perfect example of hydrophobic layers.

We also remain committed to innovation for the future, as our goal is to give you and all avid hunters, shooters, bird watchers and nature lovers, new insights into the world around us, time and time again. 

The world of hunting has always held a certain fascination. Nowhere else can you sharpen your natural instincts better than in the great outdoors. Sitting for long periods in absolute silence. Stalking without being noticed, and the rush of adrenaline at the crucial moment. For hundreds of years, Carl Zeiss has been developing leading-edge optics for moments like these, giving hunters the confidence that comes from being perfectly equipped for the crucial moment.  Moving forward, ZEISS is committed to providing sport shooters with advanced optics to fulfill their goals and achieve the results necessary to take home trophies.

ZEISS offers a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.  Select models also come with a Five Year No-Fault Policy. Complete warranty information can be found at

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Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC - Consumer Optics Business Group – Sports Optics Division - One Zeiss Drive - Thornwood, NY 10594, U.S.A.

W:      P: +1-800-441-3005


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