Our group, page, and websites are all about helping to educate and to encourage our fellow long range shooters. We offer a supportive community of like-minded people wanting to work with, help and chat about our sport.

Members Code of Conduct:

Use the page search features before posting a question or review our articles here: There’s a good chance that your question has already been asked and quite possibly, answered.  Help keep the clutter/noise level down.

Do NOT post “Thanks for the add” to the page; there’s over 100k members here, and it’s not uncommon for this page to pick up 50-100 members per day; that is too much unnecessary clutter.

No sales or solicitation of sales allowed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

No advertising without express permission/approval from the Administrator.  Approved advertising will be posted by the Administrator on your behalf.

No raffles or giveaways without administrator Approval.  When approved the raffle or giveaway will be posted by the administrator, on your behalf.

No personal attacks or insults.  Keep this page factual and professional.

No politics; they have no place in this space.

Keep it relevant - please only talk about Long Range Shooting in our group, there are are other groups for general chat.

No caliber bashing; every caliber has a use and purpose.  Example, it’s quite popular to make fun of 6.5 Creedmoor, for childish reasons.

Hunting ethics:  It is not yours or anyone else place to judge others for the shots they choose to take.  No one cares if you can stalk closer before taking a shot.  This is a long range precision marksman page.  You hunt within your own assessment of your ability, and others will do the same.

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