Steiner Optics

For over 70 years, Steiner Optics has been an innovator in optics with proprietary, advanced lens coatings and state-of-the-art manufacturing providing legendary battle-proven durability and reliability to its customers.

Steiner Optics are prized by hunters, precision long-range shooters, mariners and police, and are considered essential gear for over 80 military forces around the world. When it is all on the line, people rely on Steiner, and so can you. 

Our legendary quality and durability starts with world-class German engineering. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in Bayreuth, Germany and Greeley, Colorado, USA. During manufacturing, we employ more than 460 high-precision manufacturing and inspection steps to ensure the highest quality product every time. Our razor-sharp image clarity comes from 100% in-house optics and proprietary advanced lens coatings that are applied to every air/glass surface so your eyes perceive more contrast and brighter detail, even in low-light conditions. 

Battle-proven technology is integrated into every Steiner product. Our binoculars are fortified with unbreakable Makrolon housings and our scope tubes are milled from solid, high-grade aluminum stock so there are no welds or seams for greater strength and durability. Our scopes are built to withstand endless abuse from high-powered calibers and they are impacted tested to withstand up to 900 G’s of impact. Each one is meticulously inspected and tested to withstand all the extreme conditions that you can throw at it. 

For absolute fog-proof and waterproof protection, we seal pressurized dry nitrogen into our optics for premium clarity in any condition. Our proprietary N2 Injection System pressurizes optics with 14-psi nitrogen and trace helium. If seals are not absolutely tight, hyperbaric testing reveals escaped helium molecules, the optics are disassembled and the process is repeated. 

We stand behind our products. Over a half century of experience building rugged and reliable, mil-spec product and supplying them to armed forces all around the world gives us this level of confidence. We at Steiner are totally committed to the very highest standards of quality, dependability, and most of all customer satisfaction. Steiner binoculars, riflescopes, rings and mounts are all backed by the Steiner Heritage Warranty for the lifetime of the product. 

Steiner M-Series and T-Series Riflescopes

Steiner’s T-Series

Steiner’s M-Series (Military) riflescopes are built in Germany to strict military specifications and precisely crafted for victory on the battlefield or in competition. The M-Series is available in 5x, 7x, or 8x optical systems covering CQB, mid-range, and long-range applications. They are available in a variety of illuminated reticles to suite your specific need. These mil-spec scopes are made for elite forces and shooters around the world with features like broadband anti-reflection coatings, second rotation indicator turrets, illuminated reticles, and are shockproof to 900 G’s and waterproof down to 33ft. 

Steiner’s T-Series (Tactical) riflescopes are built in the United States for the ultimate in precision, ruggedness and versatility. They are a favorite of competitors and tactical units alike for their 5x optical system, front focal plan reticles, low-profile Never-Lost turrets with second rotation indicators, illuminated SCR reticles (Mil or MOA) and Steiner legendary durability. The T-Series scopes are shockproof to 900 G’s and waterproof down to 33ft. 

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Steiner Optics USA 331 E. 8th Street, Greeley, Colorado, 80631, U.S.A.

W:     P: +1-888-228-7747


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