Huskemaw Optics

Huskemaw Optics played a key role in changing the shooting industry perception of ethical first-shot kills at extended ranges within the shooting industry.

The 5- 30 x 56mm model has several cutting-edge features, never before seen in the optics industry. In addition to its patented windage enabled BDC turrets (US Patent 8,365,455), this scope features a patented dual interlocking turret (US Patent 9,366,502). This allows the user to turn the turret a complete 360 degrees (or 30 MOA) then pop it up to expose an inside turret, allowing the user to continue to dial an additional 360 degrees, for a total of 60 MOA in two revolutions. This model features 1/3 MOA click values and with 30 MOA in each revolution allowing for bullet drop compensation from 900 - 1400yds on the first revolution, depending on caliber and velocity. The second turret allows accurate shots well out beyond a mile. The dual turrets are independently adjustable from each other, allowing for one click adjustment for a full 90 clicks per revolution. This scope has a total vertical adjustment of over 100 MOA.

Customize the inside turret:

• a second air density, giving the user the ability and first-shot accuracy to shoot long range at both lower and higher altitudes

• laser engraved for two separate bullets and/or loads

• a combination using a MOA turret for the competition and/or PDA user, for a real time firing solution

• Additional assets include:

• An internal bubble level

• The Huskemaw 12 MOA windage reticle with vertical measuring drop bars for quick target acquisition situations, and can be used for mechanical ranging.

• This model has a 34 millimeter tube and a 56 millimeter objective, with same excellent quality glass and HD lens coating as our Blue Diamond series scopes.

* * *

Huskemaw Optics - 115 W. Yellowstone Ave., Cody, Wyoming 82414, U.S.A.

W: P: 1-866 754-7618


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