With a nearly 50-year heritage of bringing combat-proven night-time vision solutions to the front lines, FLIR has the expertise and commitment to provide the best sights and scopes to outdoorsmen and shooting professionals alike. 

FLIR’s Outdoor and Tactical Systems (OTS) line is dedicated to bringing you the most complete line-up of consumer outdoor and tactical vision products in the world. 

Based on FLIR’s cutting-edge and field-tested longwave infrared (LWIR) camera cores, our thermal scopes and sights show you the “heat signature” of every object within the field of view. Requiring no external illumination, these products perform just as well in pitch dark as during broad daylight. They can also see through many atmospheric obstructions like dust, smoke, smog, and light fog. Thermal imaging is truly your 6th Sense. 

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FLIR Systems, Inc. - 27700 SW Parkway Ave, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070, U.S.A.

W:      P: +1-866-477-3687


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