SIG SAUER KILO2400ABS Rangefinder Unboxing

ONE CAUTION: The ballistic profiles in Kilo are only differentiated by numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. I see a great opportunity for selecting the incorrect profile and sending a round off target plus how do you remember which is which easily in a hurry on a shot? It's dumb and the only real flaw with this device.

One big bonus with this RF vs other handheld devices is it's real range. Unlike others this will really range out to distance, so for long range hunting you can range game at 1400yards vs say 500yards for other devices.

A downside in my view is the lack of connectivity via bluetooth with the Kestrel for real-time wind, as the supplied windmeter is useless for most of us and requires the app and a phone jack.

The additional price uplift for the Applied Ballistics engine may not be worth it for some as it duplicates that in the Elite Kestrel line. Also, it doesn't connect to the Kestrel for wind etc - you will need the new BDX line with Bluetooth connection to the Kestrel for that ability.

All in all this is very compact, excellent design, amazing range for the size and give the likes of the Gunwerks G7 a good run for the money.

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