Nightforce SHV 4-14X50 F1 Rifle Scope Review

The first focal plane Nightforce SHV 4-14X50 F1 is an amazing scope for the money.

Having used several for years on hunting rifles, and put them through horrible conditions in terms of temperature variations (very cold to very hot), travel in hard and soft cases, bushwacking and bashing the heck of them trying to get through the brush, dirt, dust and dropping these have never let me down.

In fact, they seem to just keep on trucking no matter what - even the coating on the scope hardly get scuffed despite the bad treatment.

Never lost zero, never got fogged up nor did they ever look less then stellar when shooting through them. I really like the clean reticle, not too thin nor too thick, great visibility on target even with FFP.

When using them for target shooting they worked great, but I prefer the ATACR (or other brands) with a higher magnification, like 5-25, and more reticle choices - these really are SHV scopes, ideal for their purpose and that's hunting.

The only downside could be the size, they are pretty long, especially with a shade.

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