Long Range Book Review by Rex

It's our lucky day, one of the top guys in Long Range Shooting did a fun review of our books - Mr. T-Rex himself - check it out! 


You can buy the books here:…/pro…/B07F1RLL3D/ref=series_rw_dp_sw 

or get 30% off the online courses here

About Rex

Just a guitar player, who learned to play the rifle!

Rex Tibor is an American long-range rifle enthusiast whose dedication to the long-range shooting community has yielded one of the most comprehensive archives of extreme-long-range precision rifle equipment reviews and extreme long-range precision-rifle video tutorial series (freely available) to date.  Although Rex is best known as an authority on extreme long-range precision rifle shooting techniques and equipment selection, he has also provided supplemental instruction on various firearms, tactical gear, and other sporting equipment.

Learn more here:

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