Garmin® Foretrex® 701 with Applied Ballistics Unboxing

The Garmin Foretrex 701 is clearly a modern Garmin, vs many of their other models that feel like something out of the dark ages with todays slim powerful phones.

We loved it, it was light on the wrist, crisp and clean display and felt really well put together (Ballistic Calculator/GPS Unit that fits on your wrist with a 2 inch display and weighing only 2.8 ounces).

This is not surprising considering they must have shipped a large volume of the Mil-spec versions and got the key things right, simple, light, easy to use and good battery life.

This model has the entire AB Library built right in to the device and you can use it without any external connections to build out all your gun profiles (or add them using AB Profile Loader) and then display the drop tables cleanly on your wrist.

Garmin® Foretrex® 701 with AB Databoard™ Feature Video

For shooting matches, it would a superb upgrade over drop charts and other methods for displaying the dial-ups and wind requirements.

Pairing it with a Sig Sauer BDX device is fantastic and that makes coming up with firing solutions a breeze. It also pairs to other Garmin devices.

Using it for hunting and getting the most out of the GPS was where we found it lacked a little, if you simply want to navigate to a waypoint it's fine but it will not take uploads of extra maps or hunting data, nor was the screen ideal for hunting use in terms of detail, color etc.

That's not it's intended use, but we would have loved if we could have used it as a wrist mounted hunting GPS!

All in al this is a superb "data-card" on your wrist.

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