Book Review: Precision Rifle Handloading

Review by Morris Smith Jr.
5 out of 5 stars

Well rounded and detailed book on reloading

"This is a great book for the novice or intermediate reloader, you can pick this book up knowing very little about reloading and get a good handle on what's needed and why.

It also contains enough information to assist the novice in learning how to select the necessary equipment. So I would think this is a great book to read for someone that is contemplating getting into handloading.

For the intermediate hand loader, this pulls everything together in a single easy to read place and will undoubtedly introduce you to some new concepts or knowledge.

Each section has a bottom line directly after the more detailed text and is a great way to know if you are taking away the bread and butter or even better what the bread and butter is for each of the short sections.

There is supposed to be some online video that goes along with the book but I have not looked at it, but it could only add to the book which is really pretty comprehensive in nature.

One thing I did not care for was the size of the text, it was a bit on the small side for sure. I did like the small easily digestible sections for each topic."

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