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top ten tips?

Walter Coats – “Just because a load manual says x grains of x powder with x bullet is max, your rifle could reach max pressure a grain or two before what the book says. Start low and work up.

Keith Shively – “Read all you can about it before you start!

Mark Ewing – “I put all my primed brass upside down (primer up) and as I charge the casing, I (of course) flip it primer down.

Glen Lundgren – “Check and double check. Everything. Every time. Only one type of powder on the bench at a time.

Bill Tinsley – “If, for any reason, you have to leave the bench while in the process of dropping powder charges, turn the next case to be charged upside down in the loading block so you know where you left off.

Erik Dyal – “Be patient, don’t be in a hurry, have fun and find your rhythm. Just tell your family your putting yourself in time-out. They will understand.

Eric J Ford – “Keep your bench area clean and put items away ASAP.

Jim Caldwell – “Relaxed but concentrated attention. Have fun enjoying a great hobby and pastime but stay focused.

James A Kimery Tony  – “One powder on the bench at one time, it might save your life.

William Stanley – “FOCUS , FOCUS , FOCUS—be patient–it AIN’T a race.

Michael Conniff – “Write down on a small card what you’re loading – bullet weight, powder weight, type of powder, & primer. And put it in the powder hopper. I am unloading .45 FMJ because I forgot what type powder was in the hopper.

Peter Eick – “Never start reloading or developing a load without a specific goal in mind. Second keep meticulous records.

Andy Pynckel – “OCD is a good habit to have with your loading bench. CLEARLY label everything!

Keep one powder on the loading table at a time, if you are using a powder measurer such as the RGBS unit insert a slip of paper into the powder cannister noting the type of powder you are using. Never mix powders, if you contaminate with another powder, throw it out. Do not use it! Never attempt to seat a primer deeper in a loaded round. Discard the round in question. Keep a fue extinguisher on the loading bench or close by. Load one cartridge type at a time and clean the area of bullets, powder and primer before beginning a new load, this avoids mixing and matching components. Avoid distractions while loading such as television, radio and arguing with your spouse. Pay attention to what you are doing. Do a visual check after powdering all cases and do not be aftaid of having someone double check your work. It can be quite embarrassing or deadly to mis-fire from not powdering a case. Store ammunition properly in a sealed container such as an military ammunition can, note the type, powder, primer, bullet and date of manufacture on or inside the can. When changing powder lots or brass, reduce the load by 5% and work up to prevent dangerous pressure signs. Recording the velocity from the previous load and working to that velocity is also a good idea. If in doubt ask a question, failure to do so can result in a shorten shooting career. Tliere are NO DUMB QUESTIONS when it comes to safety in firearms and band-loading.

10 Most Common Reloading Mistakes

The old warning, “Don’t ever shoot ammo reloaded by anybody but yourself” has saved shooters a lot of grief over the years. Another should exist: “Be afraid of your own sloppy reloading habits.”

Poor reloading habits seem to commonly fly under the safety radar. Most of the newer firearms available today are very strong, allowing small reloading mistakes to go undetected.

Below are several of the most common issues that make “reloading” synonymous with “hazardous.” Avoid these, and you and your appendages are likely to survive to see many more years of shooting your favorite reloads.

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