Long Range Shooting: Precision Rifles


Let's start by defining what we mean by a long range precision rifle. We consider a rifle to be "precision" if it can shoot better than 1 MOA accuracy at our target ranges, in this case 1000 yards and perhaps beyond.

Now there's a lot of manufacturers that make this claim, so on top of this, you may wish to look at the rest of the package on offer and check the quality of every part of the setup you are considering. In the end, you are looking for an action, stock, and barrel that will consistently shoot sub-MOA groups at long range.

WHY CHOOSE A PRECISION RIFLE?As you you will know being successful at long range is about consistency. It therefore means getting a rifle system that has been built to the highest standards you can afford, with the best parts made to the lowest tolerances, so that it shoots the same every time. Today, most manufacturers of rifle systems make a special line designed to achieve sub-MOA accuracy, and we feel that while your Granddad's rifle may shoot as far as 1000 yards, that doesn't make it a precision rifle. We recommend getting a rifle designed for the job, or possibly making a rifle you already own more accurate by upgrading the components we will discuss in this chapter.


As with any purchase, you can choose a rifle system to suit your budget, and there are some excellent rifles available for amazingly low prices today. 

Examples of budget rifles that all claim sub-MOA accuracy out of the box at long range, are the Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical, the Ruger Precision rifle, The Tikka T3, Browning X-Bolt Long Range, or the Savage 12 Long Range Precision, just to name a few. Today we are spoiled for choices at reasonable prices.

Of course, there are options to spend a great deal more, such as custom rifles from the likes of Gunwerks and GA (who specialize in long range hunting rifles built to your specification) or the more military type from Accuracy International, Cadex Defence, Surgeon, Barrett, Blaser, Steyr and many more.The more you spend, the more consistent your gun will likely be in the barrel, trigger, stock bedding, and action.


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