Long Range Shooting: 10 Ballistics tips for better accuracy

Below is a roundup of all the basic environmental effects you need to consider depending on your situation and location.


Greater muzzle velocity, higher BC = less drop over distance. 

Wind - aerodynamic jump

Where the spin is right, and a cross wind right to left at muzzle = upward and right deflection. The reverse is true for the opposite wind direction. 

Wind - cross winds

Left to right = right drift, compensate left, into the wind. The reverse is true for the opposite wind direction. 

Spin drift

Compensation over 500 yards, bullet drifts in the direction of the spin, usually right. Add to firing solution. 

Coriolis / Eötvös effects

Shooting in any direction, right drift in Northern hemisphere, left drift in Southern hemisphere. Coriolis has a right or left effect only at long ranges (1000 yrs). Eötvös effect – Shooting West Bullet trajectory drops down. Shooting East Bullet trajectory pulls up. 

Transonic flight

Avoid the transonic region. Consider the distance when bullets go transonic as their maximum effective range. 

Angled shooting

Uphill or downhill shooting causes you to hit high. Use cosign multiplier of drop in ballistic chart MOAs/MILs, not basic distance. 

Cant errors

The greater the cant angle the greater the point of impact change. Ensure each shot is delivered from a level position using a scope mounted bubble level. 

Environment / elevation

Focus on elevation and temp when taking the shot <500 ft. requires no changes. Lower Density Altitude (lower pressure/air less dense/less drag) = shoot high. Higher Density Altitude (higher pressure/air more dense/more drag) = shoot low. (The approximate rule of thumb is 0.25 MOA for every 1000 ft. of altitude or 20deg change in air temperature depending on the cartridge/load).

Environment / weather

Warm weather(air is less dense/less drag) = shoot high. Cold weather (air more dense/more drag) = shoot low. Humidity high = shoot high (The rule of thumb approx. 0.5 m.o.a. change for every 20 percent change in humidity). If humidity low = shoot low.


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