How to work around restrictive ammunition laws

In some states in the US, like California for example, there are laws that make access to ammunition much harder. These rules require that you buy ammunition from FFLs and only certain dealers. You may no longer buy ammunition online. So now, as a CA resident you have to find a store or FLL and hope they have what you need, or you need to pre-order your ammunition. It looks like these rules may even restrict how much ammunition you can buy and when at some point in the future!

Often these dealers will now make you pass checks, take your finger prints and generally make your life more difficult than in other States. Outside the general issues with freedom and politics, this leads to higher prices and to greater inconvenience, to say the least.

Hand loading is the answer to these restrictive rules!

In CA for example you can still buy all the parts you need to build your own ammunition, including smokeless powders and projectiles, without the same laws and rules, and likely limits.

So instead of having to queue and search for what you need, and then over pay, you can simply make your own and likely save time and money in the process.


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