How safe is Handloading?

Handloading is surprisingly safe as today’s smokeless powders are very different from the old black powder we used to see in the old movies. Today’s smokeless powders are classified as propellants rather than explosives, meaning when properly used these powders only burn when ignited. They are still subject to strict laws, but they are safe enough for shipment and use by the general public.

Do keep in mind that you will have to pay an extra “hazmat” fee in the US, and all powders are ground shipped due to safety and legal considerations. This said, with careful storage these powders are inert and therefore can be kept at home away from any fire sources without much risk.

There are differing regulations around the world, so check with your local authorities for the amount and best way to store your reloading components. The fire department in many jurisdictions has rules on the location and amount you can store.

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ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHILE SHOOTING AND HAND LOADING. See the safety tips section for a full set of safety suggestions.

Image credit: Mark J. Kuczka


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