WIN an Leatherwood Camputer M1200-XLR Scope

This is our 11th giveaway..!!

Below is a useful Long Range Scope you can win for free, here's what the manufacturer says:

"Leatherwood 6-24 x 50mm M-1200 Camputer Auto-Ranging Rifle Scope LART624X50TAK is an Auto Ranging & Trajectory Rifle Scope that uses advanced rifle scope technology to eliminate the need for range estimation - the same technology the US Military uses to train long-range snipers.

The Leatherwood 6-24x 50mm Auto-Range Riflescope allows you to adjust the scope for long range and still have all the internal adjustments for initial zero and fine adjustment. The Leatherwood Rifle Scope extends the range to the limit of the stopping power of cartridges like the 338 using long range bullets for "dead-on" accuracy.

Each Leatherwood Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Riflescope features fully multi-coated optics system that gives you a crisp, clear, brilliant and high resolution picture. This riflescope is designed to give you the advantage in the field. The Leather Wood M-1200 ART Rifle-Scope by Leatherwood is ideal for long ranges; the magnification and maximum range are perfect for 338 cartridges.

Leatherwood Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Camputer Riflescopes are distinguished from other riflescopes because they auto-range your target for you. Let the Leatherwood Leatherwood/Hi-Lux M-1200 ART Riflescope do all the work so you can spend more time hunting or shooting."

Go here to give it a try, it's fast and easy to try:


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